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SubjectRE: [PATCH] add PCI ROMs to sysfs

One issue with x86 quirk in this patch.
The actual sysfs entries are created during the PCI bus scan.
But, pci_fixup_video() gets called later during device_initcalls.
So, PCI_ROM_SHADOW is kind of ineffective now.


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>Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 12:24 PM
>To: Greg KH; Jesse Barnes; Benjamin Herrenschmidt
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>Cox; Linux Kernel Mailing List; Petr Vandrovec; Benjamin Herrenschmidt
>Subject: Re: [PATCH] add PCI ROMs to sysfs
>I can put together a new patch later tonight that reverts to the old
>size scheme. It was more complicated since you need to allocate each
>I'll attach a newer version that incorporates a little feedback about
>creating a function to remove the attribute for devices that don't want
>to expose the ROM.
>Alan Cox had concerns about copying the ROMs for those devices that
>don't implement full address decoding. I'm using kmalloc for 40-60KB.
>Would vmalloc be a better choice? Very few drivers will use the copy
>option, mostly old hardware.
>BenH said he would check it out on ppc but I haven't heard from him
>Jesse, did you notice that the quirk for tracking the boot video device
>is x86 only? I believe this needs to run on ia64 and x86_64 too. How do
>we want to do that? It will do the wrong thing on architectures that
>don't shadow video ROMs to C0000.
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