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SubjectRe: cd burning: kernel / userspace?
> Sorry, I'm not very good at this list / person CC stuff.  I sent a reply 
> to, but forgot to CC to list. Contents as follows:
> I'm not sure this is necessary. Can't you just do:
> # dump -0 -B 700000 -u -z3 /home -f -| cdrecord /dev/hdb -
> dump and cdrecord allow you to use "-" as a filename to indicate that
> output shoud be written to stdout and input should be read from stdin
> respectively.

Yes, but if I was to understand it right, dump will close/reopen at "700000"
(whatever that is, 700000kb?). That won't work with cdrecord since it's
expecting a single input stream, not many seperated by a pause. I'd
consider it more like using tar with the multiple tape option. When it is
finished writing to a tape, it'll wait for the user to physically change
tapes and start writing at the beginning of the new tape.

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