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SubjectRe: rc4-mm1 pci-routing
Hi Ralf,

Thanks very much for your report. It looks like this device is the problem:

0000:00:06.0 Multimedia audio controller: nVidia Corporation nForce2 AC97 Audio Controler (MCP) (rev a1)

and it should get IRQ 21:

ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [APCJ] enabled at IRQ 21
ACPI: PCI interrupt 0000:00:06.0[A] -> GSI 21 (level, high) -> IRQ 21

The driver for this should be intel8x0.o, and it looks like you are
loading it as a module. Could you build it in statically to the kernel
and collect the complete dmesg from a boot with "pci=routeirq" (one
from the boot that hangs would be nice as well, but that is a pain to
collect unless you're using a serial console)?

The usual problem is that a driver looks at pci_dev->irq before calling
pci_enable_device(), but intel8x0.c seems to be doing the right thing
in this regard.

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