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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: 2.6.7 Linux Kernel Crash While Detecting PCI Devices
On Tue, Aug 10, 2004 at 12:14:09PM -0600, John Riggs wrote:
> The problem appears to be coming from the following series of calls:
> returns EEXIST
> create_dir
> sysfs_create_dir
> create_dir
> kobject_add
> class_device_add
> class_device_register
> pci_alloc_child_bus
> This causes pci_bus* child->class_dev.kobj.dentry to be NULL, which is
> passed into class_device_create_file eventually becoming a NULL POINTER
> in the function sysfs_add_file. (The NULL variable in sysfs_add_file is
> now called dir.)
> I don't have much of an understanding of the kernel, but it appears to
> me that a PCI device is getting created twice. Does anybody have any
> pointers as to what might be going on, or can point me in the right
> direction to look?

Yes, that sounds like what is happening. Can you build a modular kernel
and load the drivers you need one by one until the error happens?


greg k-h
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