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SubjectRe: [RFC] IDE/ATA/SATA controller hotplug
Doug Maxey wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Jul 2004 11:31:15 EDT, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>> What I would like is input on the general strategy that should be
>>> taken to modify the controller/adapter and device stack to:
>>> 1) be first class modules, where all controllers/adapters are
>>> capable of being loaded and unloaded. This is directed mostly at
>>> IDE/Southbridge controller/adapter devices.
>>this is already the case in IDE and libata
> I would have to differ with you here. From conversations and fairly
> (2 or 3 months ago) experience, the IDE core is not capable of being
> unloaded.

As long as the low-level driver can be unloaded, that's sufficient for
hardware- and device-hotplug.

>>> 2) extend that support to all child devices; disk, optical,
>>> and tape.
>>this is already the case in IDE and SCSI
> Educational question, what would I be looking for when grokking code
> to see this is in place?

Just general refcounting / module support code.

>>> 3) be part of mainline.
>>this is already the case
> Yes, the drivers are in the mainline. Just not sure of how many
> platforms will have non-pluggable controllers that need to have them
> hot-plugged. :-)

The PCI API is a hotplug API. Whether the underlying controller is
hotpluggable or not is largely irrelevant to low-level drivers.

>>> The items I perceive at the top of the issue list are:
>>> - The primary platforms for IDE/ATA devices are x86 based, and
>>> certainly do not care about having this capability.
> Ok, please delineate. Working off the assumption that 95+% of the
> systems that run Linux are x86 based, and have a single partition for
> the system. In other words, no virtual processors, where each is
> totally separate from the other.

That's completely irrelevant. libata and the IDE core work without
change on x86 and non-x86 systems.

>>> - Where should this capability go? Fork a subset of IDE
>>> controllers, and put them under the arch specific dir?
>>> Or include all devices?
>>there is nothing arch-specific about this
> Again, going back to my original premise, that is, which platforms do
> you foresee needing this capability? I know that all should have
> eventually.

All platforms should be considered hotplug.


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