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SubjectRe: Compression algorithm in cloop

If I don't want to build a new compression library and port it to
kernel, all I want to do is to try out the idea -- whether it could work
on cloop, whether the compression ratio is acceptable, can I just change
the cloop code? In other words, I just need a loopback block device with
other compression scheme.

I know that adding the new algorithm support to kernel would be standard
way to do this and would be helpful to more people, it's just that I
don't have that time :(

Phillip Lougher wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am trying to do some experiment on compression ratios with cloop. I
> > know that currently cloop uses zlib. How can I change it to other
> > algorithms?
> Changing the algorithm from gzip is going to be probably unpopular.
> Cloop uses the gzip deflate library inside the kernel shared by a
> large number of other programs. To change the algorithm you'll have
> to add more (private) decompression code to the kernel. This is a
> retrograde
> step because the shared library was only introduced in 2.4.17 to avoid lots
> of private copies of gzip.
> > Where should I start from? Really a newbie to this,
> > appreciate any comments and suggestions!!
> There has been discussion on this list before about adding
> bzip2 support to the kernel. Do a search on the list for this.
> Regards
> Phillip
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