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SubjectRe: Allow userspace do something special on overtemp
Len Brown wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 05:06, Pavel Machek wrote:
>>>>.adds possibility to react to
>>>>critical overtemp: it tries to call /sbin/overtemp, and only if
>>that fails calls /sbin/poweroff.
> Does /sbin/overtemp exist anyplace, or is this a proposal
> to create it? What might it do?

save some user info, suspend, standby, extreme throttling?
It should be somehow configurable in userspace.

For my opinion it would be nicest if kernel just throws a thermal event
to /proc/acpi/event (it already does this, but immediately shuts down)
and acpid or others should decide whether shutdown/suspend/standby or
whatever should be done next.
I have a machine with a broken DSDT which sets the critical tp to 200°C,
there always must be some HW shutdown..., or do you think this is too risky?

Some other related thing:
Why are no thermal events thrown if active/passive trip points are
The only way at the moment to figure out in userspace whether the system
is actively cooled or even slowed down by throttling (passive) is by
polling /proc/acpi/thermal/*/state. Isn't the purpose of thermal events
exactly for this?
I think about a possiblity to notify user if machine is slowed down.

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