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SubjectRe: [Lse-tech] [PATCH] new bitmap list format (for cpusets)
--Paul Jackson <> wrote (on Monday, August 09, 2004 01:01:06 -0700):

> I was looking at this bitmap list format patch over the weekend, and
> came to the conclusion that the basic list format, as in the example:
> 0,3,5,8-15
> was a valuable improvement over a fixed length hex mask, but that on the
> other hand the support for:
> the prefix characters '=', '-', '+', or '!'
> was fluff, that few would learn to use, and fewer find essential.

OK, that looks a lot more palletable ;-)

Question: it looks like you're only parsing on the read-side to me (which
is good, since it's highly unlikely to break anything existant), but the
function bitmap_scnlistprintf is still in there - is that needed? I can't
see any callers, but I might be missing one? I guess it might be for your
other patch, but it'd seem to make the parsing a whole lot more complicated
in userspace for the reader if we did use that ...

It looks like cpulist_scnprintf calls __cpulist_scnprintf, which just calls
bitmap_scnlistprintf, but nobody calls either of the former 2 ... ditto for


PS. Similarly, do we really need both cpumask_parse and __cpumask_parse
in front of bitmap_parse? One seems to make sense for abstracting the generic
parse routine, but 2 seems like overkill ;-) (yeah, I know that was there
before this patch ... just seems odd).
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