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SubjectRe: -mm swsusp: do not default to platform/firmware

> > Patrick> I'd rather leave it, and put pressure on the platform
> > Patrick> implementations to be made to work. If you want to shutdown,
> > Patrick> then specify it on the command line before you suspend (or
> > Patrick> add it to the suspend script).
> >
> > Does _anyone_ have a machine where platform works?
> >
> > I can't recally anyone posted on the acpi/swsusp2/kernel lists that
> > they had a platform implementation that worked.
> >
> > Perhaps they had no reason to post? Anyone out there with a laptop
> > with a suspend to disk in formware/platform using ACPI that works?
> > I'd love to be proven wrong...
> I guess you mean most users of the original pmdisk code, as it originally
> defaulted to platform (which in most cases should be ACPI S4). I mean, S4
> is not even remotely as obscure as S3. Then again, S4BIOS or other
> firmware methods are different beasts.
> For the reference, original pmdisk code worked fine with platform on my
> laptop the last time I checked (several months ago).

Could you try again with latest -mm kernel?

It is possible that it simply got broken while it had very
small number of users.
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