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SubjectRe: [RFC] Fix Device Power Management States
Patrick Mochel <> wrote:

> Ok, the patch below attempts to fix up the device power management
> handling, taking into account (hopefully) everything that has been said
> over the last week+, and lessons learned over the years. It's only been
> compile-tested, and is meant just to prove that the framework is possible.
> There are likely to be some missing pieces, mainly because it's late. :)

At the moment I'm struggling with the fact that the order of resumption
of system devices appears significant (ie, I get hangs on resume with
the stock kernel, but changing the list_for_each_entry in sysdev_resume
to list_for_each_entry_reverse makes things work) but there doesn't seem
to be any mechanism for providing proper ordering when there isn't a
tree structure. This also crops up with resuming my wireless hardware -
it tries to do a hotplug firmware load, but the IDE bus hasn't been
woken up yet.

Do we need a more fine-grained dependency structure than the current

Matthew Garrett |
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