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SubjectRe: Maximum frequency of re-scheduling (minimum time quantum ) que stio n
Peter Williams wrote:
> Povolotsky, Alexander wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>>> By freeing "time slice"s from their involvement in active/expired
>>> priority array switching etc., the various single priority array
>>> schedulers (e.g. Con Kolivas's staircase scheduler and my SPA "pb"
>>> and "eb" schedulers) that are under development raise the possibility
>>> of allowing the time slice for SCHED_RR tasks to be different to that
>>> of ordinary tasks or even for it to be set separately for each
>>> SCHED_RR task. Whether this is desirable or not is another question.
>> IMHO (I am new in Linux),- if this functionality could be either
>> optionally
>> configured at compile time or be optionally invokable at run time (or
>> combination of both) - why not to have it ? - this addition enhances
>> choices
>> of scheduling,
>> which is good.
>> Is there a chance such functionality will make into Linux 2.6 as a
>> patch (at
>> some later time) ?
> Not until the current scheduler is replaced with a single priority array
> scheduler. However, if there's enough interest, I could add this
> functionality to the CPU scheduler evaluation patch so that people could
> experiment with it (BUT it would be at the bottom of my to do list).

You are mistaken. The current scheduler only uses a single array
for realtime tasks. Functionality would be trivial to implement

>> By the way - what is the "mechanism" of decision making process (among
>> Linux
>> kernel developers) on such things ?
> I'll leave this question to someone more knowledgeable.

I'd defer a final decision to others more knowlegeable of course
(Ingo, Andrew, Linus?), however it would be almost out of the
question to do a wholesale replacement in 2.6.

However well tested your scheduler might be, it needs several
orders of magnitude more testing ;) Maybe the best we can hope
for is compile time selectable alternatives.
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