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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Configure IDE probe delays
On Sad, 2004-07-31 at 19:06, Lee Revell wrote:
> Maybe we need a CONFIG_ANCIENT_HARDWARE that people can set if they want
> to use old stuff, and anywhere in the code we take a big hit to make
> some ancient device work wouldn't get compiled. Devices could be added
> to this class as they are identified.

Wrong way around. You want a CONFIG_BOY_RACER option for people with
overclocked computers and delay loops "optimised" away.

If you want to speed this up then the two bits that the initial proposal
and Jeff have sensibly come up with are

1. Are we doing too many probes
2. Should we switch to proper reset polling

For certain cases (PPC spin up) we actually have switched to doing drive
spin up this way, I certainly have no objection to doing the rest of the
boot optimisation by following the standards carefully.

BTW: We should also turn on the PPC specific spin up stuff generically
nowdays with suspend/resume and stuff like LinuxBIOS.


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