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SubjectRe: 2.6.8-rc2 crashes
> I just had another crash/lockup, running 2.6.8-rc2-bk3
> At the instant, I was looking thru the menu's of the new
> kde3.3-beta2, in the window decoration, themes etc menu,
> where it got 14% loaded in a 60 megabyte file and it went
> away.

Confused. Previously (below) you were running 2.6.8-rc2 so the problem was
in that version but not in -rc1 if I read you correctly. So I would expect
you to be testing 2.6.8-rc1-bkN snapshots to see where your breakage was

> I have now had 4 crashes while running 2.6.8-rc2, the last one
> requiring a full powerdown before the intel-8x0 could
> re-establish control over the sound.
> I'd revert to rc1, but I'd have to figure out a way to use this .config

As viro put it:

>It goes like that:
>2.6.7 + 7-bk<n>
>2.6.7 + 8-rc1
>2.6.7 + 8-rc1 + 8-rc1-bk<n>
>2.6.7 + 8-rc2
>2.6.7 + 8-rc2 + 8-rc2-bk<n>

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