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    SubjectWireless devices and route settings

    So, I have a wireless interface on a 'guest' Linux box (running 2.6.7-rc1,
    not bothered to compile a new kernel yet.) It is a fair distance away from
    the access point and sometimes goes out of range.

    Usually it can go out of range and come back in range without the user
    noticing anything has happened. But once in a while, when the connection
    is especially poor, the interface will go down and lose its default route.
    When it comes back, it retains its IP, but does not keep the default route.
    This makes the internet unusable on this machine until i cycle ifdown/ifup
    which I cannot rely on guests to do.

    There is no daemon watching the network interfaces at all that might be
    doing this (I'm pretty sure), so I was hoping linux-kernel might know.

    Here's to a prompt solution..

    Joshua Kwan

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