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SubjectRe: [patch] kernel events layer
Robert Love <> wrote:
> Andrew, et al,
> OK, Kernel Summit and my OLS talk are over, so here are the goods.
> Following patch implements the kernel events layer, which is a simple
> wrapper around netlink to allow asynchronous communication from the
> kernel to user-space of events, errors, logging, and so on.
> Current intention is to hook the kernel via this interface into D-BUS,
> although the patch is intended to be agnostic to any of that and policy
> free.
> D-BUS can be found here:
> Other user-space utilities (including code to utilize this) can be found
> here:
> This patch only implements a single event, processor temperature
> detection. Other useful events include md sync, filesystem mount,
> driver errors, etc. We can add those later, on a case-by-case basis. I
> would like to be more careful with adding events than we are with adding
> printk's, with some aim toward a stable interface.

OK. Can you give us a ballpark estimate of how many send_kmessage() calls
we're likely to have in two years time?

> Usage of the new interface is simple:
> send_kmessage(group, interface, message, ...)
> Credit to Arjan for the initial implementation, Kay Sievers for some
> updates, and the netlink code.

- The GFP_ATOMIC page allocation is unfortunate. Please pass in the
gfp_flags, or change it to GFP_KERNEL and provide a separate

- Methinks the kernel won't build if the user set CONFIG_NETLINK_DEV=n

- When fixing that up, please add CONFIG_KERNEL_EVENTS or whatever,
provide the appropriate do-nothing stubs if it's disabled. For the tiny

- send_kmessage() is racy against kmessage_exit(). I'm not sure that's
worth fixing - if you agree then it would set minds at ease to simply
remove kmessage_exit().

- This code will never work as a module, so why include the

- What led to the decision to export send_kmessage() to only GPL modules?

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