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    SubjectRe: A users thoughts on the new dev. model
    > One problem from a user's point of view is that removal of obsolete code
    > that works sufficiently for some users.
    > Andrew said explicitely in a mail to linux-kernel that he'd consider
    > removing devfs "mid-2005" - and it didn't sound as if this would only be
    > a -mm "feature".
    > Even if 2.7 is started this doesn't has to imply that it has to be
    > flooded with big changes - a short 2.7 with relativley few invasive
    > changes might also be an option.

    There is no difference from a user's point of view between a "short 2.7"
    and "a close -mm tree." Either way devfs is on death row, because it's
    buggy and unmaintained. Any piece of code, *especially* one as invasive
    as devfs, which is buggy and unmaintained is a hassle to for *all* kernel
    development, and have to be extricated at some point.


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