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Subject2.6.7 oops, sk98lin related?
Hello Christoph and all others,

is this an sk98lin oops, maybe related to your patches or is it a completely
different problem?

dsmc: page allocation failure. order:2, mode:0x20
[<c010706e>] dump_stack+0x1e/0x20
[<c01419cb>] __alloc_pages+0x2bb/0x330
[<c0141a67>] __get_free_pages+0x27/0x40
[<c01453c0>] kmem_getpages+0x20/0xd0
[<c0146123>] cache_grow+0xd3/0x290
[<c0146480>] cache_alloc_refill+0x1a0/0x270
[<c0146ac3>] __kmalloc+0x83/0x90
[<c0342668>] alloc_skb+0x48/0xf0
[<f8aa0acb>] FillRxDescriptor+0x2b/0xc0 [sk98lin]
[<f8aa0a8c>] FillRxRing+0x6c/0x80 [sk98lin]
[<f8aa4882>] SkDrvEvent+0xb12/0xb70 [sk98lin]
[<f8ab42e5>] SkEventDispatcher+0xc5/0x160 [sk98lin]
[<f8a9f918>] SkGeIsrOnePort+0x118/0x1f0 [sk98lin]
[<c010835b>] handle_IRQ_event+0x3b/0x70
[<c010873b>] do_IRQ+0xbb/0x1a0
[<c0106b64>] common_interrupt+0x18/0x20
[<c014a3e5>] shrink_zone+0xa5/0xe0
[<c014a48c>] shrink_caches+0x6c/0x70
[<c014a532>] try_to_free_pages+0xa2/0x170
[<c01418c4>] __alloc_pages+0x1b4/0x330
[<c0141a67>] __get_free_pages+0x27/0x40
[<c0171526>] __pollwait+0x76/0xb0
[<c0362946>] tcp_poll+0x36/0x180
[<c033f209>] sock_poll+0x29/0x30
[<c0171877>] do_select+0x237/0x2b0
[<c0171bb0>] sys_select+0x290/0x480
[<c010617f>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

I have another 190KB of traces uploaded

All kernel bootup messages are at the end this file as well.

Yesterday Marvell Yukon announced a new sk98lin driver, should I try this

Thanks a lot in advance,

Bernd Schubert
Physikalisch Chemisches Institut / Theoretische Chemie
Universität Heidelberg
INF 229
69120 Heidelberg
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