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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.6.6-rc3] gcc-3.4.0 fixes
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > I don't see any point where we cast any function pointers to anything
    > else.
    > We cast data pointers all over the place, but that is actually guaranteed
    > to work in C for some "large enough" integer type, and "unsigned long" is
    > pretty much it.

    It would be nice at some point to switch that to [u]intptr_t, before someone
    comes up with 128-bit machines (in other words, no rush whatsoever, but after
    seeing Sony build processors with 128-bit integer registers I'm willing to
    believe it's just a matter of time...) The other thing about it is that it's
    nice to be explicit about the "pointer-sized integerness" of it all.

    > And even function pointers should be safeish. The fact that some broken
    > architecture (can you say "ia64"?) has totally idiotic calling conventions
    > and requires the caller to load the GP value is _their_ problem. The
    > architecture will either die or hide the fact that it's being silly. For
    > now it's hiding it.
    > Repeat after me: practice is more important than theory. A _lot_ more
    > important.


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