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SubjectRe: [ltp] Re: ACPI Hibernate and Suspend Strange behavior 2.6.7/-mm1
* David Weinehall:

>> Oh. My expriences, starting with 2.6.7 with ACPI, are as following:
>> - Suspend to RAM is triggered, for example by closing the lid.
>> - If it's under X11, the system does not come back. Display powers
>> up, but it remains black. There is some HDD activity, so it's
>> probably still running. Next time I should check if the IP stack
>> is still running.
>> - After terminating the X11 server, other devices on the sharded IRQ
>> 11 are dead (most prominently, e1000 and USB).
>> This is a T40p. Behavior with 2.6.8-rc1 is apparently the same.
>> Any ideas what to try next?
> Try unloading ehci_hcd before suspend.

It's not loaded anyway, for some reason (the external USB mouse is
working nevertheless).
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