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SubjectRe: Ext3 File System "Too many files" with snort
Hello Andreas, 

Am 2004-07-08 12:21:43, schrieb Andreas Dilger:

>If you are actually running out of inodes, then you can use "-i" or "-N"
>to mke2fs to increase the number of inodes in a new filesystem. Since
>this defaults to 1 inode per 8kB of space, it seems unlikely that you
>would run out of inodes before blocks unless you have lots of small files
>(maildir perhaps? even then "modern" emails usually average > 8kB in size
>because of HTML crap, lots of headers, attachments, etc).

I have a courier-imap Server where I share all all mailinglists where
I am subscribed... Curently I have 5,2 Millionen Messages in the ext3.

I have already striped the messages with

:0 fh
| formail -f -I Received: -I Envelope-to: -I Delivered-To: -I Return-path: \
-I X-Spam-Checker-Version: -I X-Spam-Status: -I X-Spam-Level:

I have a mailsize of around 2,5 kBytes...

So I habe used 'mkfs.ext3 -b 1024 -N 8000000 ... /dev/sda..'

My question is, how many Inodes can I create on a ext3 filesystem ?

Curently I am running a 3Ware Raid-5 Controller 75xx with 3 x 80 GByte.

>Cheers, Andreas


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