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Subject[patch] new memory hotremoval patch for hugetlbpages

> this is an updated version of my memory hotremoval patch.
> I'll only include the main patch which contains page remapping code.
> The other two files, which haven't changed much from April, can be
> found at .
> My patch supports remapping of normal pages, Takahashi's hugepage
> remapping patch will be posted in a few days.

I also post new hugepage remapping patches which is against linux-2.6.7.
I have change it to use objrmap so that the code become clean.

The patches can be downloaded from .

There may remain some bugs. if you find them, would you let me know.

> I will be working on the following items.
> 1. Prototype implementation of memsection support.
> It seems some people wants to hotremove small regions of memory
> rather than zones or nodes. A prototype implementation will
> show how Takahashi's hugetlb page code can be used for such a
> purpose.

This is my interst and I'll work on it.

> 2. Handling of pages with dirty buffers without writing them back.
> This is file system specific. I plan to do against ext2 and
> ext3.

Thank you,
Hirokazu Takahashi.

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