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SubjectRe: keyboard problem with 2.6.6
On Wed, 09 Jun 2004 19:12:09 +0200, Sau Dan Lee said:

> A person trying to upgrade from 2.4 would suppose that the 2.4 .config
> won't work and would likely start with "make allmodconfig", and then
> "make {menu/x}config". With 100s (or 1000s) of configuration items,
> it is not easy for a 2.4-er to discover that one now has to explicitly
> enable i8042 and atkbd. So, it is likely for him to have:

*plonk* <add to killfile>

OK. You proved that it's possible to create a kernel configuration that won't
boot on your hardware (hey, people who boot off IDE or SCSI and build those
drivers as modules have to play initrd games too).

Let me know when you actually answer the question - which was "Why does that
mean it's OK to break users who *do* answer with 'y' for those options?" (An
alternate way of looking at it is that you will mandate a situation where the
only *useful* values are equivalent to 'm' and 'n' - either you don't have it
at all (n) or you need userspace assistance before you have it (m).

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