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SubjectRe: [announce] [patch] NX (No eXecute) support for x86, 2.6.7-rc2-bk2
On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 05:31:37PM -0400, Doug McNaught wrote:
> Arjan van de Ven <> writes:
> > On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 02:13:13PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >> Just out of interest - how many legacy apps are broken by this? I assume
> >> it's a non-zero number, but wouldn't mind to be happily surprised.
> >
> > based on execshield in FC1.. about zero.
> IIRC, Lisp systems like CMUCL and SBCL (plus commercial Lisps) had
> problems with FC1 due to execshield. They tend to do things like
> compile code on the fly to heap memory and expect to be able to run
> it.

They will still work, as long as you don't recompile them with recent
When you recompile them, they either needs to be taught to DTRT (i.e.
use mmap with PROT_EXEC for executable stuff), or can be linked with
-Wl,-z,execstack to mark them as needing executable stack.
prelink package also contains execstack(8) utility which can be used
on already linked binaries/shared libraries.

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