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    SubjectRe: linux crashing on amd athlons?
    On Monday 07 June 2004 01:57, Matthias Andree wrote:
    > On Sun, 06 Jun 2004, Ameer Armaly wrote:
    > > While installing linux on an amd athlon, the kernel is oopsing and
    > > shuting down the computer at random places within the install. This is
    > > a custom built kernel off of I built, which I optimized for
    > > athlon then i386 afterwards, but with no luck.
    > I have several Athlons (from the venerable 500 to the new XP 2600+) in
    > use at various sites, no problems. Among them an XP 1700+ in server use
    > with vanilla 2.4.26, rock solid.
    > Check you've used a supported compiler and binutils, then check the
    > hardware. Cooling (heat sink), RAM (try memtest86), power supply, proper
    > clock speed and core voltage, proper RAM timing -- these are all
    > contributing factors to instability if not carefully chosen and
    > installed.

    I have a dual Athlon MP2400+ running very stable on Linux Kernel (.org)
    2.6.7-rc1, only the last week I have had random segfaults while compiling
    kernels and the like. So I popped open the case and vacuumed it, every thing,
    with special care on fans and ribbons. After this it's been running
    flawlessly again :)

    My point beeing, better know your hardware before checking for flaws in Linux!

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