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Subject[RFC] ASLA design, depth of code review and lack thereof
Ladies and gentlemen, may I politely ask what description would fit somebody
who have made the following

union {
float f;
u_int32_t i;
} u;
u.f = 0.0;
return bswap_32(u.i);
return u.i;
and quite a few similar, er, wonders an ioctl?

That's right. This code just has to be in the kernel. It can't be in
a library, oh no. It can't be a trivial macro that would result in
compiler generating the constant, no sir - it just had to be proudly
dumped into the great barfbag in the tree.

And that leads to a really interesting question: how many people had ever
read that code? Or documentation covering that ioctl, while we are at it.

Unless I'm mistaken, ALSA used revision control for a long, long time.
Jaroslav, could you please find the origin of that little wonder and
share with the class - who had done that, why it had been committed into
ALSA tree and how did it manage to survive until the merge into the main
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