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    SubjectNFS corruption in 2.4.x, not 2.6.7
    Repeated copy and compare operations from linux to novell or tru64 systems
    cause occasional corruption to the file copied. This problem has occurred
    in all the 2.4.x kernels I've tried 2.4.20-2.4.27-rc2 (I did not try all of
    them, but several), however, I have yet to run into the problem on the
    2.6.7 kernel.

    I would like to stick with 2.4.x kernel, for now, since I would like to
    continue using the qlogic drivers with failover. The new device-mapper
    multipath stuff (needed for failover now) in the 2.6+patches kernels, just
    is not ready yet (I need to test it more).

    Sniffing packets going between the linux and novell server with tcpdump in
    the middle, the data going to the novell server appears correct. The data
    that was corrupted was retransmitted, both packets look correct.

    I noticed that the 2.4.x kernels send fragments backwards (i.e. offset 0, is
    the last fragment sent) while the 2.6.7 kernel sends fragments with
    increasing offsets.

    Initially this seems like a novell problem, but the fact that 2.6.7 seems to
    work and that the problem also occurs copying to tru64, points to a linux
    2.4 series problem. Any ideas on what changed between 2.4 and 2.6 that
    could have fixed this?

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