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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] serio.c: dynamically control serio ports bindings via procfs (Was: [RFC/RFT] Raw access to serio ports)
    >>>>> "Dmitry" == Dmitry Torokhov <> writes:

    Dmitry> Let me start with saying that this is a very good patch
    Dmitry> and that is exactly what I have in mind with regard to
    Dmitry> serio port/device binding. The only problem with the
    Dmitry> patch is that it uses wrong foundation, namely procfs,
    Dmitry> because:

    Dmitry> So we have several options - if we adopt procfs based
    Dmitry> solution now we will have to maintain it for very long
    Dmitry> time, along with competing sysfs implementation. Dropping
    Dmitry> one kernel parameter which will never be widely used is
    Dmitry> much easier, IMO.

    It's not just the matter of dropping one kernel parameter. The procfs
    support, _already implemented_, allows one to fine-tune the binding
    between serio ports and devices, which is a new and useful feature
    that your kernel parameter doesn't provide.

    Can you unbind the keyboard port? Can you bind/unbind any of the AUX
    ports *dynamically* without reloading the i8042 module? These
    functionalities are already there in the serio-related code. Just a
    userland interface is missing. My patch is to fill this gap.

    Dmitry> So I propose we all join our ranks and tame that sysfs
    Dmitry> together ;) I had some patches that were converting
    Dmitry> drivers to the sysfs adding them to serio bus,

    sysfs looks good for simple parameters: integers, strings. For
    anything more complicated (sets, graphs), I don't see it fit (yet).
    Unfortunately, the serio port<-->device relation is already a graph (1
    to n).

    I'd like to see how you implement the device<-->handler binding in
    input.c using sysfs. It'd be a nice feature. Imagine how annoying it
    is for 'evbug' to report your keypresses, when you're just debugging a
    mouse driver. Being able to adjust the device<-->handler binding is
    what I want. I don't care whether it's a procfs approach or sysfs
    approach, as long as it is reasonably useable. (You could even do it
    with ioctl(), if you provide a nice command line tool so that I don't
    need to care about the ioctl parameters.) I'm not going to touch
    input.c, because I don't want to reboot everytime to test a
    modification. It's hard to compile input.c as a module.

    Sau Dan LEE 李守敦(Big5) ~{@nJX6X~}(HZ)

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