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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] driver model and sysfs support for PCMCIA (1/3)
Hi Adam,

First of all I'd like to say that I'm glad you're taking interest in
the PCMCIA core, and that your experience and patch-writing skills will
surely be a valuable addition in the joint effort of transforming the
PCMCIA subsystem to "kernel standards", e.g. hotplug, driver model and

Second, you might not know about the linux-pcmcia list
yet -- it's where most PCMCIA-core-in-2.{6,7} stuff is discussed, and it is quite
low-traffic. Please CC this list on PCMCIA-core-in-2.{6,7} matters in

Third, about your patches:
- I like many ideas in your patches -- large parts of them, though, are
"double work" as similar things have already been submitted (by me)
to Russell on the linux-pcmcia mailing list. What's missing in my current
patches [proof-of-concepts do exist and had been announced both on lkml
and on said linux-pcmcia list, though] is the exporting of product and
manufactor ID and "vers_1" strings, because that needs better resource
- the resource_ready handling is "racy", at least. Resources can disappear
- what I don't like in your patches is that they add an aditional "layer"
and thus additional complexity on top of PCMCIA. It already has a multitude of
structs with different lifetime rules. Your additions don't make it easier
to simplify this complexity. That's why my patchsets [*] try to reduce the
complexity first, add struct pcmcia_device next, and reduce complexity by
merging other stuff into struct pcmcia_device in the third step. I'd need
to re-check whether the step (1) you're leaving out does _not_ cause
lifetime headaches and races in strange circumstances [and I don't mean
PCMCIA net drivers here, as they're in a comparably good shape.]


[*] these patchsets have been announced in these messages:
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