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    SubjectRe: inconsistency between SIOCGIFCONF and SIOCGIFNAME
    David S. Miller wrote:

    > Anyways, I guess we could do your suggestion. SIOCGIFCONF
    > is actually implemented using per-protocol handlers. So, for
    > example there is an ipv4 handler, an ipv6 one, etc. We'd need
    > to make the change for all of them.

    I might not look for the right thing, but there are only two places
    where register_gifconf is used: in net/ipv4/devinet.c and
    net/decnet/dn_dev.c. There is no support for IPv6-only interfaces and
    interfaces for other protocols. So in addition to your change only the
    DECnet stuff needs changing.

    > I enclose a potential implementation for the ipv4 instance.
    > Please at least make sure it does what you want.

    I'll try the patch asap. Thanks,

    ➧ Ulrich Drepper ➧ Red Hat, Inc. ➧ 444 Castro St ➧ Mountain View, CA ❖
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