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    SubjectRe: Nice 19 process still gets some CPU
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    Timothy Miller wrote:
    | Con Kolivas wrote:
    |> It definitely should _not_ starve. That is the unixy way of doing
    |> things. Everything must go forward. Around 5% cpu for nice 19 sounds
    |> just right. If you want scheduling only when there's spare cpu cycles
    |> you need a sched batch(idle) implementation.
    | Well, since I can't rewrite the app, I can't make it sched batch. Nice
    | values are an easy thing to get at for anything that's running.
    | Besides, comparing nice 0 to nice 19, I'd expect something more like a
    | 100:1 ratio or worse. (That is, I don't expect nice to be linear.)
    | Maybe this is just me, but when I set a process to the worst possible
    | priority (nice 19), I expect it only to run when nothing else needs the
    | CPU.

    Sched batch is a kernel modification, and a simple wrapper will allow
    you to run _any_ program as sched batch without modifying it's source.

    The design has had that ratio of 20:1 for a very long time so now is not
    the time to suddenly decide it should be different. However if you want
    to make it 100:1 for your machine feel free to edit kernel/sched.c
    and change
    #define MIN_TIMESLICE ( 10 * HZ / 1000)
    #define MIN_TIMESLICE ( 1 * HZ / 1000)

    That will give you more what you're looking for.

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