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SubjectRe: Elastic Quota File System (EQFS)
Fao, Sean wrote:

> Amit Gud wrote:
>> It cannot be denied that there _are_ applications for such a system
>> that we already discussed and theres a class of users who will find
>> the system useful.
> I personally see no use whatsoever. Why not just allocate 100% of the
> file system to everybody and ignore quota's, entirely? Each user will
> use whatever he/she requires and when space starts to run out, users
> will manually clean up what they don't need.
We should get our basics right first. We _do_ need quotas!! Without any
quota system how are we going to avoid a malicious user from taking
away all the space to keep other people starving? In EQFS also this can
happen, but we are giving *controlled flexibility* to the user. He is
having some stretching power but not beyond a certain limit. And do you
think users are sincere enough to clean up there files when they are done?

> I am totally against the automatic deletion of files and believe that
> all users will _eventually_ walk in on a Monday morning to find out
> that the OS took it upon itself to delete a file that was flagged as
> elastic, that shouldn't have been.

User is the king, he decides what files should be elastic and what not.
This can always be controlled.


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