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    SubjectRe: Elastic Quota File System (EQFS)

    >>A better option in this case is to reduce the default size of Mozilla's
    >>cache or expand the size of the quota for each user to deal with the added
    >>space requirements.
    >>If you are concerned about disk usage from caches, you can always create
    >>a script that removes the cache(s) when the user logs out.
    >That's not the right thing.. that way you loose caching effects around
    >logins even when there's plenty of space.
    >There's quite a lot of data -- at least on my systems -- that can be
    >removed with "only" loss of performance...
    >1) browser caches
    >2) package lists, downloaded packages
    >3) object files
    >heck, if you know you have reliable network connection 4), you could
    >even mark stuff like /usr/bin/mozilla elastic, and re-install it from
    >the network when it is needed... Doing anything more complex than 1)
    >requires extensive changes all around the kernel and userland, and
    >you'd probably not call that system unix any more.
    All the suggested benefits listed above could easily be implemented in a
    script. For instance, one could design a script that checks the amount
    of disk space at logout. If the amount of disk space remaining is less
    than X (where X is value predefined by an administrator), the script
    could _suggest_ that corrective action be taken and allow the *user* to
    _decide_ what he/she wants to delete/move.

    In a workstation environment, my honest opinion is that quota's are set
    entirely too low if you're running that close to your limit. On a
    server, I do not see deleting files at the decision of the OS, to be
    beneficial. Nor do I see any reason to develop the suggested FS to
    implement what should be taken care of by a knowledgeable administrator.

    The idea of an elastic file system is interesting until you start
    considering how it would be implemented and what affects it would have
    in a production environment.

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