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SubjectRe: Elastic Quota File System (EQFS)
Amit Gud wrote:

> It cannot be denied that there _are_ applications for such a system
> that we already discussed and theres a class of users who will find
> the system useful.

I personally see no use whatsoever. Why not just allocate 100% of the
file system to everybody and ignore quota's, entirely? Each user will
use whatever he/she requires and when space starts to run out, users
will manually clean up what they don't need.

I am totally against the automatic deletion of files and believe that
all users will _eventually_ walk in on a Monday morning to find out that
the OS took it upon itself to delete a file that was flagged as elastic,
that shouldn't have been. I also tend to believe that the exact
time/date that the file was removed could conceivably occur six months
prior to that Monday morning, without the users knowledge. Now the
burden will again be placed on to system administrators. This time, to
locate and recover the lost file(s) by sorting through months of
archives. Personally, I prefer setting quota's on an individual bases,
to finding a needle in a haystack

In my mind, you either have a quota or you don't; there's no in between.


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