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    Subjectproblems with 3com 3c2000 under 2.6.7

    I'm trying to get a gigabit lan set-up for a friend. He's got a mix of
    XP and linux machines using 3com 3c2000 adapters attached to a gigabit
    switch ( which doesn't understand jumbo frames ).

    All MTUs are 1500, but when sending to the linux box he gets ~100 KB/
    sec, using ftp, samba, whatever. Pulling from the box delivers ~15 MB/
    sec ( which is probably his local disk saturating ). All the boxes are
    on the same subnet so there's no router involved, and the performance
    stays the same when the cards are conmnected back-to-back so the switch
    is eliminated.

    I've read about problems with 3c940 adapters, and also had a look at the
    3c2000 driver supplied with the card which was forked from the sk98
    driver I believe, but it's for 2.4 only.

    Has anybody else seen anything like this, or does anybody have any


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