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    SubjectElastic Quota File System (EQFS)

    I think I should discuss this in the list...

    Recently I'm into developing an Elastic Quota File System (EQFS). This
    file system works on a simple concept ... give it to others if you're not
    using it, let others use it, but on the guarantee that you get it back when
    you need it!!

    Here I'm talking about disk quotas. In any typical network, e.g.
    sourceforge, each user is given a fixed amount of quota. 100 Mb in case of
    sourceforge. 100 Mb is way over some project requirements and too small for
    some projects. EQFS tries to solve this problem by exploiting the users'
    usage behavior at runtime. That is the user's quota which he doesn't need
    is given to the users who need it, but on 100% assurance that the originl
    user can any time reclaim his/her quota.

    Before getting into implementation details I want to have public opinion
    about this system. All EQFS tries to do is it maximizes the disk space
    usage, which otherwise is wasted if the user doesn't really need the
    allocated user..on the other hand it helps avoid the starvation of the user
    who needs more space. It also helps administrator to get away with the
    problem of variable quota EQFS itself adjusts according to the
    user needs.

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