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Subject[PATCH 0/2] kbuild updates
Hi Andrew, Linus.

Here follows two kbuild patches.

1) Add generic infrastructure for creating kernel packages.
This moves make rpm support to scripts/package
and add the deb-pkg target.
The infrastructure were added because there is requests
to add .tar.gz, .tar.gz2 support as well, and the functionality
really did not belong in the top-level makefile.
The implementation is simplified based on feedback on first
patch, so one just have to set KBUILD_IMAGE in arch Makefiel
to say what kernel image to include in the package.

2) Improved support for external modules.
It has been debated what to name the symlink in /lib/modules/`uname -r`
and where it should point.
Now that there is a possibility to build the kernel with a separate output
directory, there is a need to utilise this in the install.
From now on build will point to the output directory, and source will point
to the kernel source.
A small MAkefile is created in the output directory allowing external modules
to continue to build independent of the kernel being built with separate
output directory, or with ouput and source mixed.

If the kernel is build with source and output mixed there is no change
in behaviour.
If the kernel is build with separate source and output directories,
all external modules that has not yet picked up on using the kbuild
infrastructure will fail...
No effort whatsoever will be done to keep external modules working if they
do not use the kbuild infrastructure. There is no reason not to do so.

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