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    SubjectRe: two patches - request for comments
    On Wed, 2 Jun 2004 10:15:42 -0700
    Greg KH <> wrote:

    > > In theory, if we would use the standard power interface, it could use the
    > > different levels of power saving, e.g. 0 - controller and LCD on, 1,2 -
    > > LCD off, controller on, 3,4 - both off.
    > Please use the standard power interface, and use the standard levels of
    > power state. That's why we _have_ this driver model in the first
    > place...
    The problem is that I cannot use the standard power interface because I don't
    know how. The patch in question implements class devices, not regular devices.
    Class devices don't use the standard power management scheme. Here:

    /sys # ls devices/platform/
    detach_state power pxa2xx_udc0
    mq11xx0 pxa2xx-pcmcia0 pxafb0
    mq11xx_udc0 pxa2xx_serial0 pxamci0

    None of the above devices implement the backlight and LCD; they use bits from
    different devices; in my case several GPIO pins from the mq11xx0 device, a
    couple of CPU' GPIO pins (which aren't present in sysfs at all).

    Now the mq11xx0 device (which is a System-On-Chip, e.g. a single chip
    encomprising a lot of somehow-independent-functions) has a lot of subdevices:

    /sys # ls devices/platform/mq11xx0/
    detach_state mq11xx_i2s0 mq11xx_spi0 mq11xx_uhc0
    mq11xx_fb0 mq11xx_lcd0 mq11xx_udc0 power

    The backlight is controlled by a few spare bits from the mq11xx_spi0 device
    (which is a SPI bus controller). I don't think it makes sense to create the
    backlight device node under /sys/devices/platform/mq11xx0/mq11xx_spi0/;
    besides that's on my PDA; on other PDAs they could be located anywhere else,
    thus the software will have a major headache to find the backlight/lcd power

    Right now it works this way:

    /sys # ls class/backlight/mq11xx_fb0/
    brightness max_brightness power
    /sys # ls class/lcd/mq11xx_fb0/
    contrast enable max_contrast power

    I could unify lcd's 'power' and 'enable' attributes into one (they already use
    the 'standard' 0-4 power levels), like I stated in one of my previous
    messages, but it anyways would be quite different from the current power
    management structure.

    > > Well, the power interface under drivers/ is available for framebuffer.
    > > If it would handle it properly (the framebuffer drivers I've tried
    > > don't, alas)
    > Then they need to be fixed to do so.
    Doh, you don't want me to fix the whole kernel in one patch, don't you? :-)

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