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SubjectRe: [PATCH] serio.c: dynamically control serio ports bindings via procfs

The name fix on serio devices is as simply as the following example,
which can be applied to the 'atkbd' module. We just need to add back
the .name field to the 'struct serio_dev'. My previous patch can
detect this and use the meaningful name immediately!

--- linux-2.6.7-rc1/drivers/input/keyboard/atkbd.c 2004/06/01 07:45:00 1.2
+++ 2004/06/02 17:44:47
@@ -818,20 +818,21 @@

if (atkbd_command(atkbd, param, ATKBD_CMD_SETLEDS))
return -1;

return 0;

static struct serio_dev atkbd_dev = {
+ .name = "atkbd",
.interrupt = atkbd_interrupt,
.connect = atkbd_connect,
.reconnect = atkbd_reconnect,
.disconnect = atkbd_disconnect,
.cleanup = atkbd_cleanup,

int __init atkbd_init(void)

Sau Dan LEE 李守敦(Big5) ~{@nJX6X~}(HZ)
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