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SubjectRe: SATA 3112 errors on 2.6.7
On Sat, 19 Jun 2004, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>I wonder if it helps to add the Seagate drive to the sata_sil blacklist?

As I said, I tried that with no success. Btw, there is no such list in
the SI published driver (or they did it in a manner that is not immediately
obvious.) However, this:
Maxtor 4D060H3:DAK05GK0:MaxMode=udma-5
does show up practically without looking :-)

By way of freebsd mailling lists, it appears the dropped DMA thing is common
to the sil hardware. However, there must be an errata/work-around as
SI's driver doesn't exhibit the same problems -- no stalls, no reported
DMA errors.

Of note is that the drive that most often stalls is of older firmware...
3.05 vs. the 3.18 of the other drives...
Drive information:

/dev/sga ATA ST3160023AS 3.18 312581807 blocks
/dev/sgb ATA ST3160023AS 3.18 312581807 blocks
/dev/sgc ATA ST3160023AS 3.18 312581807 blocks
/dev/sgd ATA ST3160023AS 3.05 312581807 blocks

If I can/could get Seagate to give me a 3.18 firmware update for that drive,
I'll find a way to get it on there :-)

DMA'd reads don't seem to be a problem. I'm 400G through the 10th loop
reading the entire array in 8M O_DIRECT chunks (128 16k stripes). However,
I will note, the internal configuration of the sil chips are laughable...
reading from more than one port at a time (doesn't really matter which two)
degrades performance. Reading from all four (hello raid) maxes out each port
to about 24MB/s. Individually, each port (alone) can read at 48-56MB/s.
The drives are capable of streaming 85MB/s (if you believe the specs.)


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