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SubjectRe: Stop the Linux kernel madness
Rik van Riel wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Jun 2004, Tim Bird wrote:
>>Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:
>>The idea of having some dedicated developers perform this function is
>>actually a pretty good one, although I wouldn't burden Linus with
>>managing them. That is, it might be useful to have some people
>>following behind embedded product developers trying to glean,
>>generalize, forward-port and otherwise clean-up patches that would
>>otherwise never see the light of day.
> Since the people benefitting from this work are the
> embedded developers, it would seem logical that they
> should bear the cost of this effort, too.

Absolutely! For the CE space, the resources for this
should come from CE companies. I've been thinking about
the practicalities and logistics of doing this in
the CE Linux Forum, or of encouraging member companies
to do this for their own products. I wouldn't even
consider making a request that non-CE-related people
do this.

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Co-Chair
CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer
Sony Electronics

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