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    SubjectRe: DMA API issues
    On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 14:22, Jamey Hicks wrote:
    > It's really not a question of laziness. The ASICs we are interested in
    > implement OHCI, so I think the core OHCI driver should work unmodified.
    > OHCI driver allocates dma_pools for managing endpoint descriptors (ED)
    > and transaction descriptors (TD). I expect that the driver wrapper that
    > initializes the OHCI controller driver will create dma_pools drawing
    > from the ASIC's private SRAM. The OHCI driver uses
    > dma_{alloc,free}_coherent to manage the space used for the top level
    > control structure shared between the driver and the controller
    > hardware. This also needs to be allocated in the SRAM. Finally, in
    > drivers/usb/core/usb.c, the USB drivers call dma_map_single and
    > dma_unmap_single given pointers to transfer buffers allocated by the USB
    > device drivers. If the USB device is a network device (as it is on the
    > iPAQ), the transfer buffers are allocated via dev_alloc_skb.

    Well, I thought it was something like that. So the problem could be
    solved simply by rejigging ohci to export td_alloc and td_free as
    overrideable methods?

    Your map and unmap single could also be handled this way: with usb
    specific overrides that default to dma_map_single. None of this would
    cause much perturbation in usb, and it would give you everthing you

    I assume your implementation of dma_map_single is simply to copy the
    memory into the on chip area?

    > I really think this is a DMA API implementation issue. The problem
    > touches more than the USB drivers. I say implementation because the DMA
    > API already takes struct device, so the public interface would not have
    > to change or would not have to change much. However, we would like to
    > be able to provide device-specific implementations of the dma
    > operations. One way to implement this would be a pointer to
    > dma_operations from struct device.

    The DMA API is highly platform specific. It basically embodies a
    contract between the platform and its attached busses. It wasn't
    designed to embody a contract between two busses (or in this case, a bus
    and its implementing driver).


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