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SubjectRe: Stop the Linux kernel madness
On Friday 18 June 2004 03:00, 4Front Technologies wrote:
> > Al, not particulary fond of SuSE, but even less so - of misdirecting
> > wankers like that...
> That's right Al, 4Front, ATI, Nvidia are all evil!. OK so now get on with
> life.

There are different levels of evil. I never heard Nvidia complaining about
SUSE header files here.

> It's time everybody started to pay some attention to in-kernel interfaces
> because Linux has graduated out of your personal sandbox to where other
> people want to use Linux and they aren't kernel developers.

You can _USE_ Linux without being a kernel developer. You talk about _YOUR_
business problems and not about problems related to this community.

> Sure we can fix the problem with SuSE - we've been doing this for the past
> 7 years. And we know a thing or two about Linux kernels but wouldn't it be
> better for the Linux community in general to have such source issue
> stabilized?

So why are you complaining ? You have done this for 7 years, do it for another
7. The Linux community is not responsible for _YOUR_ problems with SUSE or
complain at the appropriate SUSE mailing list.

Stop trolling!

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That way the customer can tell who is the engineer and who is the
salesman (and therefore whom to believe.). Ties cut off blood flow
to the brain, making it easier for the salesmen to do their jobs."
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