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SubjectRe: Stop the Linux kernel madness
> b) They shipped the kitchen sink with 2.4 and their customers still want
> to wash the dishes in 2.6.

Heh, very funny. Seriously, though, one "kitchen sink" feature that
they had been shipping in 2.4 was iBCS. Given the recent revival in
UFS1/2 FS support, it really would be "nice to see" the iBCS binary
compatibility code revived and merged into 2.6. I'm sure that people in
the scientific community would really appreciate this since there are
still many new and legacy apps which were/are only for solaris/x86
and/or sco/x86.

I know I'm sure to invite flames for this one, but serious thought
should be given to re-merging the khttpd using Ingo Molnar's tux code.
The khttpd been part of the kernel for such a long time and since it now
works in 2.6 again, why not re-instate it? FWICT, it is "fairly"
self-contained, so the overall impact on existing code should be minimal.


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