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Subject[2/12] lower priority of "too many keys" msg in atkbd.c
 * Lowered priority of "too many keys" message in drivers/input/keyboard/atkbd.c
This fixes Debian BTS #239036.

From: "Jon Thackray" <>
Message-ID: <16476.11084.179640.444619@localhost.localdomain>
Subject: Keyboard misbehaving

The keyboard under 2.6.4 seems to be behaving strangely, reporting
unknown key codes and too many keys pressed, even when no keys have
been pressed. The keyboard is connected via an 8 way KVM switch, but
was working quite acceptably under 2.4.25 with no such messages.
Trying 2.6.3 is not an option as it doesn't support the hardware
properly, as previously reported.

Index: linux-2.5/drivers/input/keyboard/atkbd.c
--- linux-2.5.orig/drivers/input/keyboard/atkbd.c 2004-06-13 11:57:13.000000000 -0700
+++ linux-2.5/drivers/input/keyboard/atkbd.c 2004-06-13 12:08:54.000000000 -0700
@@ -288,7 +288,7 @@
atkbd_report_key(&atkbd->dev, regs, KEY_HANJA, 3);
goto out;
- printk(KERN_WARNING "atkbd.c: Keyboard on %s reports too many keys pressed.\n", serio->phys);
+ printk(KERN_DEBUG "atkbd.c: Keyboard on %s reports too many keys pressed.\n", serio->phys);
goto out;

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