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SubjectRe: Frequent system freezes after kernel bug
On 2004.06.13 02:10, Christian Kujau wrote:
> Andreas Schmidt wrote:
> |> On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 08:37:42PM +0200, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
> |>
> |> > > kernel: EIP: 0010:[iput+44/592] Tainted: P
> |>
> | fcdsl 862816 2
> could be totally unrelated, but please try to reproduce without this
> (tainted) fcdsl module. it is often known for weird lockups. i'm not
> able to tell from the oops message, so i have to ask: is this an SMP
> box?
The box has just one processor (Duron, in case it's relevant). BTW, I'm
a bit at a loss how to reproduce the problem. Trouble is, it appears
quite arbitrarily. The box has been running about 26hrs now without a
reboot. (OK, there wasn't much activity today except handling mails.) I
could unload the fcdsl module, which would cut me off the net. If
necessary, I could even do this for a day or two -- but what if that
error didn't occur during that time? As I'm not sure what triggered it
in the first place, IMHO nothing could be deduced with certainty from
the error not occuring. There'd only be definite information if it
_did_ happen again. So, what do you suggest? (Sorry if that sounds
obnoxious, but I'm really a bit confused about this stuff...)

Best regards,


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