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SubjectRe: jff2 filesystem in vanilla
On 08.06.2004, at 11:31, wrote:

> Can you give more detail on how you were able to "kill a card".

Write to it every now and then using a touchy filesystem
like ext2 and it will certainly break.

As soon as a CF card starts developing bad blocks you better
(trash-)can them because they're losing reliability very

> Were there hot spots in those filesystems?

Yes, the only place that is written every now and then is
the configuration in /etc, everything else is mostly read.
Of course with ext2 such changes will always end up in the
same physical place on disk which can chew up the few 10K
to 100K guaranteed writes last for just a really short
amount of time.

There're a few more problems with ext2/3 which make it a
rather unpleasant filesystem for often rebooted systems
with r/w mounted partitions on limited write-cycle media.

Although JFFS2 on CF seems like a kludge at first it works
much better than expected and never let us down so far
(after changing to CVS, that is!) and makes it the top
choice for quite a number of applications that want to use
spindleless drives and need some (cheap) amount of capacity.

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