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SubjectRe: Frequent system freezes after kernel bug
On 2004.06.14 00:14, Christian Kujau wrote:
> Andreas Schmidt wrote:

> you said:
> | This box runs under Debian stable; I noticed these particular bugs
> | starting with kernel 2.4.24. Yesterday, I updated from 2.4.25 to
> so 2.4.23 did work? would be strange, since patch-2.4.24.b2 is only
> 2,5KB in size and touches very few things. good for you: if 2.4.23 is
> really working and 2.4.24 is not, you could back out the changes and
> see
> what it gives.
Hmmm, I guess my posting was a bit ambigious in this regard. I started
out with 2.4.18, upgraded to 2.4.19, later 2.4.21. As the fcdsl-crashes
(triggered by disconnection) didn't cease, I googled and found other
reports of the same bug on kernels 2.4.18 and higher, so I decided to
give it a try and downgrade to 2.4.17. From there, I went right up to
2.4.24. At that time I learned of a patch to the module which allowed
to run it without the problems previously encountered. However, there
still remained the system freezes from the second bug (buffer.c/
transaction.c), so I decided to upgrade to 2.4.25 and, ultimately,

Best regards,

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