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SubjectRe: Insults in the kernel-sources
On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, James Buchanan wrote:

> > Note to all: do not accept patches from Vadim. Sorry, guy. You're
> > tainted.
> Yeah, we don't want microshit's source in Linux!! Hah.
> Seriously, how can this amount to anything? M$ claiming Vadim stole
> Win2K source and contributed it to Linux? Pu-leeease....
> Maybehap they could use their lawyers to stir up a great mess and cause
> people to waste a lot of money defending spurious lawsuits... in which
> case I get your point...

In which case they could go after anyone with an internet connection,
given that their sources were (still are?) floating around on the net. In
any case, even if I wanted to copy, I couldn't, for the simple fact that I
don't have the source.


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