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SubjectRe: swappiness ignored
Marc-Christian Petersen wrote:
>>In the "why swap at all" thread, there was mention of the
>>/proc/sys/vm/swappiness tunable, and some people suggested echoing a zero
>>to there if you want to minimize/disable swap usage, or echoing a 100 to
>>maximize swap usage, etc.
>>But on my 2.6.5 system, I can echo a zero to there, then cat it back to
>>make sure... then 30 seconds later cat it again, and it's been changed to
>>something else (50, 60, 80something).
>>Is this supposed to be a value that can be manually adjusted, as some have
>>claimed, or is it something the kernel manages automatically? I definitely
>>can't manually set it without having it overwritten shortly thereafter.
> I bet you have /proc/sys/vm/autoswappiness or the previous version of it
> w/o /proc stuff.

Ah, yes, I do, and it's set to one. So if I set that to zero, then the
kernel won't automatically adjust /proc/sys/vm/swappiness?

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