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Subject[RFC] DMI cleanup patches
Hi all,

currently arch/i386/kernel/dmi_scan.c file looks like complete
mess. Interfacing with other kernel subsystem made using
ad-hoc ways, mostly with ugly global variables, additionaly
coding style is ... not good. So these patches appear:

patch-dmi-1-matches - simplify DMI blacklist table by
removing the need to fill unused slots with NO_MATCH macro.

patch-dmi-2-api - separate and export dmi_check_system()
function (along with some needed declarations) which checks given
DMI id table against system DMI data and runs callback functions
when necessary.

patch-dmi-3-whitespace - various coding style cleanups.

patch-dmi-4-sonypi - make sonypi driver use dmi_check_system()
function and remove is_sony_vaio_laptop global variable.

patch-dmi-5-apm - make APM BIOS driver use dmi_check_system()
function and move all related quirks into apm.c.

patch-dmi-6-pciirq - make pci irq routing code use
dmi_check_system() function and make broken_hp_bios_irq9 variable

patch-dmi-7-smbus - make PIIX4 I2C use dmi_check_system()
function and remove is_unsafe_smbus global variable.

Please take a look.

Best regards.

Andrey Panin | Linux and UNIX system administrator | PGP key:
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